Sports massage on leg

Remedial Massage

Addressing musculoskeletal dysfunctions tailored to you.

This is a hands-on body treatment using a range of techniques from a specific skill set to release a build up of tight, tense, dense and/or knotted connective tissue in the body called fascia.  Deep tissue massage works specifically on muscle groups and muscle function.  There are hundred of muscles involved in the human movement and most of these muscles act, not as seperate entities, but in interrelated group of function units which help perform a particular action.   

I love showing my clients how just a few treatments can make an enormous difference to their health.

A range of physical assessments and a discussion between client and practitioner will take place at the start of all initial remedial massage consultations.  This is to identify any conditions or contraindications of massage.  This will take approx 10mins.

A post treatment discussion and assessment will also take place to determine the changes made in the body.

Standard Consultation

60 mins = $95

Long Consultation

90 mins = $140

All private health fund rebates are available for this treatment.